Can coffee come out of clothes?

Steps to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothing. For fresh coffee stains, first, try cold water — this might be all that's needed. Rub liquid laundry detergent and a little cold water into the coffee stain. If you don't have liquid laundry detergent you can use liquid dish soap.

What chemicals are used to clean stains?

The chemicals in this section can help you get rid of those nasty household and laundry stains when properly used.
  • Acetic Acid. A 10% solution of acetic acid can be purchased generically at pharmacies.
  • Acetone.
  • Alcohol.
  • Ammonia.
  • Amyl Acetate.
  • Coconut Oil.
  • Glycerine.
  • Oxalic Acid.

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