Do plants like music?

If plants don't respond well to rock music, it isn't because they “like” classical better. However, the vibrations produced by loud rock music create greater pressure that isn't conducive to plant growth.

So, do plants feel pain study?

As far as I know no reputable study has ever shown that plants can "feel pain". They lack the nervous system and brain necessary for this to happen. A plant can respond to stimuli, for example by turning towards the light or closing over a fly, but that is not the same thing.

Do plants have a form of consciousness?

"Plants can do incredible things. Some of these plant neurobiologists believe that plants are conscious — not self-conscious, but conscious in the sense they know where they are in space and react appropriately to their position in space." Pollan says there is no agreed definition of intelligence.

Can you communicate with plants?

And there is evidence that insects and plants "hear" each other's sounds. Sound is so fundamental to life that some scientists now think there's a kernel of truth to folklore that holds humans can commune with plants. And plants may use sound to communicate with one another.

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