How do I block a program in my firewall Windows 8?

Steps to Configure Windows Firewall Block applications in Windows 8 :
  1. Press Windows Key + C to open Windows 8 Charms Bar.
  2. Now, Go to Search.
  3. In Apps Search Bar, type control panel.
  4. Now, navigate to System and Security -> Windows Firewall.
  5. Click Advanced settings in the left pane.
  6. A new Window will pop up.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I block a program from accessing the Internet Windows XP?

Windows XP
  1. Click Start and open the “Control Panel“.
  2. Select “Security Center“.
  3. In the “Manage security settings for” area, select “Windows Firewall“.
  4. Select the “Exceptions” tab.
  5. Check an application to allow access to the network, uncheck it to block access.

How do I block a program in Windows 10 firewall?

Windows 10, 8, & 7
  1. Open the “Control Panel“.
  2. Select “System and Security“.
  3. In the Windows Firewall section, select “Allow a program through Windows Firewall“.
  4. Unchecking the box to the left of the application name disallows it from accessing network resources, while checking it allows access.

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