How much is Sarah and Graham Beeny worth?

Sarah Beeny and her husband Graham Swift have a combined net worth of $7 million. The power couple is business partners. According to The Sun, they have built an empire with 11 homes across London.

How did Sarah Beeny meet Graham Swift?

Beeny met her husband and business partner, Graham Swift, when she was 18 years old. Her brother is married to Swift’s sister, Caroline. After selling Rise Hall, Beeny and Swift left London and moved to the Somerset countryside.

How is Sarah Beeny rich?

During her off time, Beeny would study the property market. She saved up some money and began her own property developing business with her brother and her husband. Beeny is also the co-founder of the popular U.K. dating website Mysinglefriend. She also owns the online estate agent,

Why is Sarah Beeny rich?

She and her businessman husband started an investment and development firm alongside her brother when Sarah was only 19. At 49, she has a personal wealth of an estimated £2.2m.

How old is Graham Sarah Beeny?

The 53-year-old television presenter has been married to 52-year-old artist Graham Swift since 2003 and together they share four sons; Billy, 16, Charlie, 15, Raffy, 12, and 11-year-old Laurie.

Who is Graham Swift artist?

Graham Swift (Born 1973) is an artist who lives and works in London. Graham has always been drawn back to the human form. Self portraiture having been his main focus in the last few years. His fascination with the complexity of the self image explores it’s truly exposed nature.

Is Graham Swift from Tipperary?

The mother of four is married to Irishman Graham Swift, an artist who great up in Co Tipperary. Her four children, Billy (9), Charlie (8), Rafferty (5), and Laria(4), have been shown the fix-it ropes.

Who bought Rise Hall?

Helen and Daniel Gill, who bought Grade II*-listed Rise Hall from Sarah Beeny and her husband Graham Swift just over two years ago, have those attributes mentioned above. So when the gargantuan East Riding mansion was forced into yet another pandemic-induced slumber, the Gills decided to view it as an opportunity.

How much did Sarah Beeny’s London house sell for?

They have four children together: Rafferty, Billy, Charlie and Laurie, and over the past few years they’ve all been living in the country together. Prior to the big move, the Beeny’s lived in a mansion near Tooting Bec Common. Sarah and her husband sold the property for £3.5 million in 2018.

Who narrates Sarah Beeny’s new show?

The voice is that of Joe Sims, who was born in Bristol, and so unsurprisingly he narrates the show with a WestCountry accent.

Where Did Graham Swift artist go to school?

Born in 1973, Graham Swift studied art at the Roehampton Institute before becoming an artist full-time in 2004.

When did Sarah Beeny buy Rise Hall?

The Hall had fallen into disrepair before being bought in March 2001 by TV host and property expert Sarah Beeny and her husband, artist Graham Swift. The couple paid £435,000 (equivalent to £706,646 in 2018) for the property, and began restoration work on it.

Is Sarah Beeny’s brother married to her husband’s sister?

My brother is married to my husband’s sister, so now we’re all here. ‘Having four sons, I wanted them to have a mixed education and have more access to music, drama and sport.

Where does Graham Swift live?

His first non-fiction book is Making an Elephant: Writing from Within (2009). Graham Swift is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He lives in London.

What breed of dog does Sarah Beeny own?

The whole hotel experience gets a massive paws-up gets from Maple, Sarah Beeny’s six-month-old cockapoo. She has joined the TV star on the road as Sarah promotes the changes facing small business owners as a result of the government’s new Making Tax Digital initiative.

How much did Rise Hall in Yorkshire sell for?

SARAH BEENY has sold Yorkshire mansion Rise Hall – which appeared on TV show Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare – for £1.4 million. Take a look inside the stunning property which is now a luxury wedding venue. Sarah Beeny, 47, has sold her 29-bedroom mansion in East Yorkshire for a cool £1.4 million.

How much did Sarah Beeny pay for Somerset farm?

At last they can say goodbye to the shabby kitchen in the 1970s property on their land that they’ve called home since buying a 220-acre former dairy farm near Bruton for just over £3 million in 2018.

Is Rise Hall fully restored?

“The fully restored Grade 2* listed Hall will now begin a new chapter in its life. “We are thrilled to be passing it onto Dan and Helen who we feel are the perfect fit for such a very special place.”

Will there be a series 2 of Sarah Beeny’s new life in the country?

On Wednesday, 21st April 2021, Channel 4 Television announced that they have commissioned an 8-episode second series and a Christmas Special of the programme. Series one was Channel 4’s best performing new 8pm programme of 2020.

Who does voice over on Sarah Beeny?

mark-goldthorp-narrates-sarah-beenys-new-life-in-the-country – Sue Terry Voices – The #1 Voice Over Agency in London & the UK.

Where is Sarah Beeny’s mansion?

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country season 2 launched in 2021 and sees Sarah, her husband, and their four sons restore a huge home in Somerset.

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