Is Himesh married twice?

Himesh and Sonia tied the knot on May 11, 2018, in an intimate ceremony, with only close friends and family in attendance. This is Himesh’s second marriage. He was earlier married to Komal for 22 years and the two have a son, Swayam, together.

Who is Himesh Reshammiya’s father?

Himesh Reshammiya was born in Mumbai to Vipin Reshammiya, an Indian music composer, and Madhu Reshammiya, on 23 July 1973. At the age of 21, Reshammiya married Komal and they have a son named Swaym.

Who was Himesh Reshammiya first wife?

Himesh Reshammiya has first married Komal when he was 21. Later he got divorced to her after 21 years and got married to one of her close friends, actress Sonia Kapoor in 2018.

What religion is Himesh Reshammiya?

The Times of India said the 33-year-old Reshammiya, a Hindu, had tried to enter the shrine on Tuesday in normal clothes but was blocked by swarming devotees and fans. The president of the shrine committee, Peerzada Sibli Qasim said in The Hindustan Times that Reshammiya was “ridiculing Muslim religious tradition”.

What happened to Himesh Reshammiya brother?

Family, Caste & Wife Himesh had an elder brother who died at the age of 11. Himesh got married Komal in 1995, and they have a son named Swayam. Himesh and Komal got divorced in 2017. He then got married his childhood friend and actress Sonia Kapoor in 2018.

WHO launched Himesh Reshammiya?

Himesh, who was launched as a composer in Bollywood by Salman, said that his journey has not been a tough one. “It’s not been hard because I had Salman Khan’s family backing me. They gave me my first break at a very early age. I didn’t really have to struggle,” he said.

How did Himesh Reshammiya lose his brother?

I had an older brother Jayesh, who died due to a brain haemorrhage when he was 21. My dad had started producing films and he had started a production company for him only.

Does Himesh Reshammiya drink?

“I don’t drink but I had to take brandy to shoot for a particular sequence. It was very cold and we were wearing thin clothes. The alcohol hit me and I shot in an intoxicated condition. That was really memorable,” he explained.

Is Himesh Reshammiya a good singer?

He is a good music composer but a bad singer and an ever worse actor. His problem is that he is trying to do a lot of things at the same time.

Who is the husband of Sonam Kapoor?

Sonam Kapoor, who is currently in Mumbai, can’t wait to see her husband Anand Ahuja. The couple made London their new home after getting married. Sonam Kapoor shared a throwback photo with husband Anand Ahuja.

How did Sonia Kapoor Meet Himesh?

They started seeing each other in 2006. It is said that Sonia was a frequent visitor at Himesh’s house, something that his wife was initially not too happy about. However, Komal made her peace with it, although her son Swayam saw red.

What is Himesh Reshammiya doing now?

Currently, Himesh is seen as a judge on Indian Idol 12. He briefly took a break from the show as the shoot shifted to Daman but has now returned. Himesh has composed music for films such as Tere Naam, Aitraaz, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Aksar, Bodyguard and Kick.

Why did Neha leave Indian Idol?

“Neha has been judging Indian Idol for the past seasons and wanted to take a break. She has worked hard for many years and achieved a lot. She now wanted to spend some quality time with her husband Rohanpreet. That is one of the reasons why she did not continue judging Indian Idol after the team returned to Mumbai.

What happened between Himesh and Salman?

Salman Khan then asked Himesh Reshammiya to sing the song but the latter said, “Meri awaaz bahot buri hai aapne abhi kaha.” To which the Salman asked him to “not worry because he has got used to his voice now.” Further escalating the arguement, Himesh said that God has given him this voice, people love it what to do.

How many songs has Kumar Sanu sung?

Kumar has sung over 18,000 songs in 22 languages and has his name entered in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1993 for recording 28 songs in one day.

How did Himesh Reshammiya lose weight?

Reshammiya had lost 20 Kgs for his movie Xpose and he was also sporting six-pack abs in the film. He claimed that he achieved the ripped-body look without the help of steroids or other muscle-building supplements, through a clean, organic diet and a strict workout regime.

Who is Vishal Dadlani wife?

Vishal Dadlani and wife Priyali Kapur have filed for a divorce after staying apart for several years. Musician Vishal Dadlani has filed for divorce from his wife of many years, Priyali Kapur. Vishal and Priyali have been living separately for quite some time.

Who is richer Shahrukh or Salman?

In 2014, Shah Rukh was the richest non-Hollywood actor and the second richest actor in the world, with an estimated net worth of US$600 million. On the 2016 Forbes list of the 10 highest-paid actors in the world, Salman ranked sixth, with total earnings of US$33.5 million for the year.

Why did Himesh stop singing?

Singer and music composer Himesh Reshammiya says he’s resigned to the fact that he’ll always be called a ‘nasal’ singer. “My work has been a hit so far. Now I’m just waiting to see the response to my movie.” It only gets better for the controversial music composer, singer and now actor Himesh Reshammiya.

Is Himesh Reshammiya trained?

My father gave me the training in singing, and I have taken my classical singing education seriously. It is not that I became a singer overnight.

Why did Himesh Reshammiya stop singing?

After 36 major hits in a span of 18 months, he gave up plum assignments because of too much demand. He felt his songs were competing against each other, making the producers of his films lose money. Since then he decided to do only 4 films this year, plus a pop album — and one film in which he will act.

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