Is James Braxton a publican?

As well as appearing regularly on the TV, James is a proud family man. The antiques expert is married to his wife Joanna and together they have four children: Amelia, Ned, Annie and Charlie.

What pub does James Braxton own?

The Lamb Inn. The Braxton family have sympathetically refurbished this characterful old coaching inn, so that it has a modern layout but still feels cosy and traditional. As befits its owner, antiques expert James Braxton, it is furnished with nicely worn old furniture, plus bar stools fashioned from milk churns.

Why did Thomas plant change his surname to Forester?

The most obvious theory is that he changed his name after getting married to Jessica Forrester, a fellow auctioneer. Though his fans will likely always know him as Thomas Plant, the famous TV auctioneer with encyclopedic knowledge about antiques, in truth his name is now Thomas Forrrester.

Who is Charlie Ross married to?

Personal life. Charlie is married to Sally and they have two children and four grandchildren. He has lived near Bicester outside Oxford since 1981.

Where is the Lamb Inn owned by James Braxton?

​Perched above the Pevensey Levels next to the village church and standing between Herstmonceux Castle and Pevensey Castle, this 16th Century former coaching Inn now extends a warm welcome to both locals and travellers.

Who owns the Lamb Inn Wartling?

James Braxton, BBC antiques expert and family bought The Lamb Inn in 2012, which is run by his sons Charlie & Ned, who with vinyl records and log fires create the warm ambience.

Is Christina Trevanion married?

Personal life. Trevanion is the daughter of David Trevanion and Hazel Trevanion. She attended Southampton Solent University after completing her secondary education at Bishop Heber High School. Trevanion is married, with two daughters.

Is Anita Manning still married?

Anita is reported to be married, although not much is known of the antiques expert’s private life. On Anita’s Flog It BBC profile it mentions Anita is married, however she has not spoken out her marriage. It is known that the Bargain Hunt star has two children, son Luke and daughter Lala.

Is Natasha Raskin sharp still married?

Natasha, who also works on Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip, has been married for five years. She tied the knot back in 2016 with Joe Sharp in a small ceremony in Scotland. The pair originally started dating after meeting through work on Antiques Road Trip.

How old is Caroline Hawley auctioneer?

Caroline Hawley is one of the longest-running presenters on Bargain Hunt, regularly popping up in the programme to offer her expertise. She has a wealth of experience in antiques, having worked in the industry for over three decades. Caroline is 55 years old and has featured in numerous BBC programmes over the years.

Why is Thomas plant sometimes Thomas Forrester?

Thomas Plant is now Thomas Forrester, but why? Thomas Plant is a British auctioneer and TV presenter, known for his role as an expert on Bargain Hunt. “Thomas has been Thomas Forrester for some time now so to avoid any further confusion he decided it was high time his details were updated,” The company explained.

Is Isabel Balmer related to Charles Hanson?

Izzie is a former employee of Charles After producers on the show, who also worked on Flog It! and Street Auction, were impressed by Izzie’s TV skills, she was then commissioned to appear as a co-presenter on Street Auction.

What car does Charlie Ross Drive?

The car, a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Prototype, sold for over $16 million. When he’s not jet setting, Charlie can be found at home in Oxford indulging two of his other passions, cricket and amateur dramatics.

How old is Timothy Medhurst?

Tim Medhurst’s age is 29 years old as of May 2021. He is the youngest antique expert on the BBC One show and was honored as “Antiques Young Gun” of the year in 2013.

Who is Izzie Balmer husband?

Her Husband: Is Auctioneer Married? Izzie Balmer probably does not have a husband. Since she has not revealed if she is married or not, it is quite baffling whether she has a husband. No records of Balmer being involved in any romances are under the radar.

Did Charles Hanson have new teeth?

In recent pictures though – as of September 2021 – the auctioneer seems to have completely transformed, and now has straight teeth. The change did not go amiss from fans, who first noticed his new teeth during the November 2nd episode.

Is William Hanson related to Charles Hanson?

TV ANTIQUES expert Charles Hanson has opened up about his battle with cancer and the loss of his baby son. A month later his son, who he and wife Rebecca named Thomas William Hanson, was stillborn.

Why does Philip Serrell wear scarves?

He said ‘Go and get it because I can hide the microphone in there and it makes me look really good’. “Well, come August, I’m the only bloke walking around wearing a scarf.”

Is Philip Serrell ill?

Philip Serrell is not sick and has no illness. However, he has opened up about his daughter Clementine Serrell’s recovery from anorexia. He has been vocal about her illness in recent days and is keen on helping those who suffer from the same problem.

Who is Christina Antiques Road Trip?

Christina Trevanion is a 40-year-old auctioneer and TV presenter who forms part of the firm Trevanion & Dean. The auctioneer and valuer is based in Shropshire and she founded the firm with Aaron Dean.

How old is Anita off Bargain Hunt?

The antiques expert was born in Glasgow in December 1947, making her 74 years old. Anita has been an expert and presenter on Bargain Hunt since 2010.

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