Is Paul Young Scottish?

Paul Young was born on July 3, 1944 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is an actor, known for The Crow Road…

Who played ISA husband in Still Game?

Harry Drennan Played by Ronnie Letham; appears in “Scones”, “Dug” and “Hogmanay Special: The Party”. He is Isa’s ex-husband who stole from her and disappeared. He returned six years later and Isa let him back into her life but he stole from her again and left.

Who plays Winstons grandson in Still Game?

Thomas is the grandson of Winston Ingram, son of Margaret and Gary and cousin of Joseph Ingram. He is portrayed by Kevin Guthrie.

Where is the Clansman in Still Game?

A STILL Game superfan has opened up their very own Clansman pub in an English town. Cliff Morton, 47, fell in love with the Scottish comedy show years ago and decided to fulfil his dream to recreate the Craiglang bar in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Where was Finport still filmed?

Finport, as mentioned and seen in the fifth series, was actually filmed on location in Largs and Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, both of which were once popular seaside resorts with Glaswegians. The shots of the promenade and the sea wall is that of Saltcoats’ harbour area.

Why was Still Game Cancelled?

The series their returned as a live theatre show at Glasgow’s SSE Hyrdo, called Still Game: The Story So Far. Still Game premiered in 2002 and game to an end in 2007 after actor Ford Kieran and Greg Hemphill fell out. The comedy duo did not speak for seven years but managed to get their friendship back on track.

Who plays Winston’s brother in Still Game?

LAWYER Gary Miller will play Walter Ingram, the long-lost brother of one-legged pensioner Winston, as the comedy smash returns to our screens. WHEN the new series of Still Game hits TV screens on Friday, superfan Gary Miller won’t just be watching its return – he’ll be in it.

What does Jack sing in Still Game?

The Ballad of Mrs Begg is a song sang by Jack, Victor and Winston in the series two episode “Wummin”.

Is Sanjeev Kohli related to Hardeep Singh Kohli?

Personal life. Kohli is the father of two children. He was divorced in 2009. His younger brother is the successful film and TV actor and writer Sanjeev Kohli.

Where is Craiglang?

Filming locations. Still Game is set in the fictional Craiglang area of Glasgow, and the Maryhill district of the city is a popular filming location.

Is Eric from Still Game Dead?

Eric died in Series 8 Episode 2 “Grim Up North” after dying of a weak heart while playing on t The Clansman’s fruit machine.

Why was the Clansman called Jennys?

But it was later revealed that Pete The Jakey was instead the father. This resulted in the Clansman being saved from being demolished and instead being renamed to Jenny’s.

Why did the Clansman change to Jennys?

As a result, the Clansman was set to be closed down and demolished, to make way for cottages. It turns out that the property developer was the son of Pete the Jakey, and hence, the pub was not demolished. Instead, the pub was renamed “Jenny’s”, in honour of Jenny Turnbull, the mother of the property developer.

What part of Glasgow is Still Game filmed?

Craiglang’s main scenes are filmed around the Maryhill district of Glasgow, but the programme has filmed all over Glasgow over its 9 series including Queen Street and Central Stations, Buchanan Street, The Hydro and along the Clyde. Navid’s shop is in the Townhead area of Glasgow.

Are Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan friends?

Fifteen years since they first appeared as the two widowers and lifelong friends, 52-year-old Ford and 45-year-old Greg admit that it’s not quite as much of a struggle to look like pensioners these days!

Where is River City filmed?

Where is River City filmed? The set is built on the site of old whisky warehouses in Dumbarton. Location shots are sometimes filmed around the city. In times where the drama leaves Shieldinch, picturesque Loch Lomond and surrounding areas have been used previously.

What is Jane McCarry doing now?

Top news stories today Jane played nosey neighbour Isa in Still Game. Since the show ended, Jane has been working alongside former co-star Mark Cox on Pipe Up as well as going down a totally different path compared to her other co-stars. Jane landed a teaching job at Craigmarloch School in 2020.

Is Jane mcgarry still on Good Morning Texas?

She is currently working as the host of Good Morning Texas show at WFAA in Dallas and also anchors the Texas Legends show.

Did Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan fall out?

He quit originally in 2008 after the pair — who made Chewin’ The Fat together — fell out. When Ford was asked, about the break-up at the time, he said: “It’s just Effing me now.”

Will there be a series 10 of Still Game?

The ninth and final series of the BBC sitcom aired in 2019 and co-creators Hemphill and Ford Kiernan have ruled out bringing it back.

Does Netflix have Still Game?

Instead, in April 2020, we got it as a late announcement for the month. Season 8 of Still Game will be on Netflix in the United States on April 15th, 2020.

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