Is smol dishwasher any good?

Across the five-day testing period, everything came out gleaming and spotless with only the exception some stubborn sauce in a pan. Overall, this is one of the new guard of dishwasher tablets and with good eco credentials, Smol really impressed.

Is smol good value for money?

At 16p per wash, they’re also reasonable value for money – some premium capsules from bigger brands cost over 20p per wash. On top of this, for those who are eco-conscious, the packaging is both made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable.

Is smol a UK company?

But Smol is a British company that currently doesn’t have a parent company, so you can be sure that no international versions or sister companies test on animals (as required by law in certain countries) like they do in large internationals Procter & Gamble (who own Ariel) and Unilever (who own Persil).

Do I need rinse aid with smol?

Do I need to use salt and rinse aid? Smol is a multi-functional tablet which means rinse aid and salt are included within the tablet. However in areas with particularly hard water, the addition of salt and rinse aid may be necessary.

How easy is it to cancel smol?

CANCELLATION. Once you have received at least one regular 24-capsule laundry pack, you can cancel your smol plan online within the “your details” section of your customer account. You can also cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us with your name and address at [email protected]

Do you take the plastic off smol dishwasher tablets?

Another way to go plastic free in your cleaning routine is by buying smol laundry capsules, available in bio and non-bio, and smol dishwasher tablets. Each smol pack is packaged in recyclable, eco friendly packaging and is 100% plastic free.

Do smol products smell nice?

Our smol smells are what most customers love best about their smol. Our multipurpose spray has a sparkling sweet spritz of citrus for a zesty fresh fragrance whilst the bathroom gives a refreshing burst of uplifting ocean spray for a pure clean scent. There is however no fragrance to our glass spray.

Are smol products chemical free?

smol laundry capsules are vegan and cruelty free and contain fewer chemicals than other leading laundry brands so we recommend them to all our customers.

Where is smol based?

London-based smol raises €8.8 million to extend home-delivery of its vegan, plastic-free washing detergent.

Who is smol owned by?

Smol has been developed by Paula Quazi, former vice president of marketing for Unilever Europe, and her former Unilever marketing colleague Nick Green.

Where does smol deliver?

Where do smol deliver to? We can deliver our capsules across the UK, including the Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles and Channel Islands.

Is smol a subscription?

Smol is the latest eco-conscious, ethical subscription service offering planet-friendly, greener solutions to cleaning products for our laundry, bathroom and kitchen.

How green are smol?

Both products are Leaping Bunny approved (cruelty-free), and the packaging is made from sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable. So yes, smol is environmentally friendly and continues to improve its products.

What does smol fabric conditioner smell like?

Scent – it’s quite an old fashioned scent, a bit nostalgic. I can still smell it on clothes washed earlier this week, and those washed last week. Fresh and clean. So yep, about the same as your usual fabric conditioner.

Are smol bottles glass or plastic?

The plastic bottles-for-life are made using post-consumer recycled plastic (and are fully recyclable), and their refill packs are sent using 100% plastic-free packaging. The sachets that hold the unique smol dissolvable cleaning tablets are also plastic free, and are completely home-compostable too.

Can I refer a friend to smol?

Q: Does smol have a friend referral scheme? If your smol account has been active for 16 days, you’ll receive a very special email from us that you can then share with your friends and family. Within the email is a link that takes you directly to our website.

Does smol do fabric conditioner?

Our concentrated fabric conditioner is as effective as the leading brands but 100% animal fat-free. Each carefully formulated smol dose brings you wonderfully soft and fragrant laundry.

Is smol suitable for babies?

Non bio is also really popular amongst parents with young children and babies, as it is still effective at killing germs and bacteria whilst remaining super gentle and delicate. If you have sensitive skin (dry skin, eczema, psoriasis) or have young children, we’d recommend our smol non bio capsules.

How do I return smol fabric conditioner?

All you need to do is put the empties inside and tape it shut. Cross out your address label and write your name/postcode on the pack. And once again, don’t forgetwhether you are recycling your bottles or sending them back to us for refill – please keep hold of your pump and your yellow grip.

Are smol products pet safe?

Fabric conditioner Our smol pack is designed to make it difficult for children and animals to get into. As soon as you receive your postal delivery please remove postal packaging and store tablets safely. If your pet normally chews the post we recommend we do not deliver to your home.

What does smol stand for?

In the internet slang of DoggoLingo, smol is an affectionate way of saying someone or something is small in size—so cute you just want to squeeze ’em.

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