The United Kingdom is popular among international students. The flexibility of the academic system, the international recognition and the diverse environment top the list of factors to pursue a degree in the UK. The study in the UK improves your professional profile and offers a variety of opportunities around the world to develop an impressive career. If you are planning to go to an educational institution in the UK you’ll need an official student visa. In this post, we’ll provide you with the five steps of the application for a student visa to the UK.

 How to apply for a Student Visa for the UK  

 1. Apply for admission and receive your acceptance letter from University in the UK  

You’ll need to make a decision and apply for admission to any of the colleges located in the UK before you begin the application process for your student visa. If you are accepted into an institution, you’ll be issued an acknowledgement letter. This acceptance letter can help you in the application process for student visas. Here are some of the best institutions in the UK

  •  University of Oxford  
  •  University of Cambridge  
  •  Imperial College London  
  •  UCL (University College London)  
  •  University of Edinburgh  
  •  Manchester University University of Manchester  
  •  King’s College London (KCL)  
  •  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)  
  •  University of Bristol  
  •  University of Warwick University of Warwick  

 2. Find out what kind of visa you require for study in the UK  

There are two kinds of student visas you are able to apply for based on the duration and length of your study within the UK. The two types of visas include:

  •  short-term study visa(available for either 6 (or 11) months) If you are planning to attend a short class of language or undertake short periods of study in an academic program.  
  •  Tier 4 (General) Student Visa If you’re enrolled in an academic program (Bachelor’s Master’s, Master’s, or PhD course). This Tier 4 Student Visa doesn’t have a predetermined period of validity. It is based on the duration of your study in the UK  

 3. Request a student visa in the UK  

You may apply for a visa up to three months prior to your anticipated date of departure to the UK. There are two options available to apply for your Student visa within the UK. You could apply for a UK students visa in the closest UK Embassy in your country, or apply on the internet. If you want to apply online you need to apply through the British Gov.UK Official Gov.UK website.

 Conditions must be satisfied to be granted the Tier 4 visa  

  •  You must be over the age of 16  
  •  Read, speak and comprehend English  
  •  Make sure you have enough money to help your studies  
  •  You must have received an acknowledgement letter of acceptance from a regulated university in the UK  

 Documents needed for the issuance of a UK student visa  

  •  Completed visa application form  
  •   Current passport  
  •  Academic records and transcripts are listed on the Form CAS  
  •  English proficiency test is one of the tests on the form for CAS ( IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)  
  •  Two passport-sized photograph  
  •  Evidence of financial capability to prove that you are able to support yourself during your time in the UK to study  
  •  Birth certificate in original form (with translation for documents that are not in English)  
  •  Tuberculosis tests result from the Tb Test Centre(UKVI)  
  •  Evidence of having paid the fee for visa application  
  •  Acceptance of health insurance surcharges for immigrants forms for payments  
  •  Self-assessment Form Appendix 8 along with the attached documents.  
  •  Other requirements based on the country you are from  

 4. Conduct an interview  

In the process of interviewing, candidates are asked a variety of questions regarding their selection of courses and their future career goals. It is essential to be open about your ideas and be able to convince interviewers of your decision to go to the UK. The UK. These are some of examples. interview questions:

  •  What are the main reasons you have chosen the UK for your studies?  
  •  Have you been to the UK previously?  
  •  What made you choose this particular school or college?  
  •  How will you pay your expenses and living costs when you are in the UK?  
  •  What can the course do to assist you to advance your job?  

 5. Biometric Residence Permit  

In order to complete an application for a visa, applicants need to obtain a biometric residency permit (BRP) issued by the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI). You must make an appointment through UKVI to get your Biometrics. Your thumbs and fingers will be scanned, and an image can be captured of your facial features.

 Financial requirements to be able to demonstrate to be eligible for UK Student Visa  

As stated, you are required to prove when you apply for a visa that there is funds to cover your tuition, course fees and lodging expenses for the month during your stay at home in the UK. The amount you have to prove will depend on the category you’re applying for, the length of your university course and your housing arrangements within the UK. When you submit you’re the visa request, you have to prove that you have sufficient funds to pay for the cost of your course and living expenses in the UK

To prove that you have funds available You can provide any of these:

  •  Savings or current banks.  
  •  was awarded financial sponsorship  
  •  A loan letter  
  •  Official financial sponsorship letter  

 Student Visa UK Cost  

It will cost you PS348 to submit an application for a student visa from outside of the United Kingdom. If you are looking to extend or change the student visa from outside the UK You will need to spend PS475. For more information about the price then look up: Cost of studying in the UK

 UK Student Visa The Processing Time & Priority Service  

The entire procedure to complete UK Visa application processing takes around three weeks(Note that 1 week equals five workdays). If you’d like to obtain priority for the priority Tier 4 student visa approval in a priority manner, you may benefit from the specific services offered. Two priority collection of visas options are offered, but you’ll have to pay a cost. For more information contact the centre for visa applications.

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