What are the 3 products of the light dependent reactions?

Chapter 6: Photosynthesis
Light-dependent Reaction Light-independent Reaction
2. Products are ATP, NADPH, and oxygen; and the reactant is water. 2. The products is glucose, and reactants are ATP, NADPH, and CO2.
3. This reaction occurs in thylakoid membranes. 3. This reaction occurs in stroma.

Likewise, which products of the light reactions are used in the Calvin cycle?

The ATP and NADPH used in these steps are both products of the light-dependent reactions (the first stage of photosynthesis). That is, the chemical energy of ATP and the reducing power of NADPH, both of which are generated using light energy, keep the Calvin cycle running.

Which molecules are produced in the light reactions and then used in the Calvin cycle?

The light reactions use solar energy to make ATP and NADPH, which funcrtion as chemical energy and reducing power respectively, in the Calvin cycle.(notice that in contrast to ATP generated by cellular respiration, ATP produced in the light reactions of photosynthesis is usually dedicated to a single kind of cellular

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