What are the parts of a castle wall called?

This wall and the short structures on it are all part of an architectural element known as a battlement. A battlement is the upper walled part of a castle or fortress. It’s usually formed out of a low, narrow wall on top of the outermost protective wall of a fortress or castle.

What were the inner and outer walls of a castle called?

In some castles, there is an inner bailey that is an enclosed area closer to the tower or keep, and an outer bailey which is an area further out from the tower but that is still protected by the curtain wall.

What are castle walls?

A castle wall was designed to act as a first line of defence against attack. Early castles were built on a mound, or motte. The single building on the mound was called a donjon (because it was a Norman French introduction to England) but it soon became known as a keep.

What is the main part of a castle called?

At the heart of a castle is its tower, known as the keep. The number of floors within the keep depended on its size and the wealth of its owner. All Keeps contained a large room known as the Great Hall. The enclosed area between the inside of the wall and the keep.

What is an outer curtain wall?

A curtain wall is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, utilized only to keep the weather out and the occupants in. Since the curtain wall is non-structural, it can be made of lightweight materials, such as glass, thereby potentially reducing construction costs.

What is a parapet in a castle?

Definition of parapet 1 : a wall, rampart, or elevation of earth or stone to protect soldiers The invaders fired arrows over the castle’s parapet. 2 : a low wall or railing to protect the edge of a platform, roof, or bridge. — called also parapet wall.

What is a fortified tower called?

A fortified tower (also defensive tower or castle tower or, in context, just tower) is one of the defensive structures used in fortifications, such as castles, along with curtain walls. Castle towers can have a variety of different shapes and fulfil different functions.

What is a castle tower called?

In architecture, a turret (from Italian: torretta, little tower; Latin: turris, tower) is a small tower that projects vertically from the wall of a building such as a medieval castle. Turrets were traditionally supported by a corbel.

What are castle like buildings called?

Since the 16th century, the English word keep has commonly referred to large towers in castles. The word originates from around 1375 to 1376, coming from the Middle English term kype, meaning basket or cask, and was a term applied to the shell keep at Guînes, said to resemble a barrel.

What is a castle wall made of?

During the early medieval times, the most popular form of castle walls was made of wood and timbers. However, this changed after the Norman Conquest of England which gave rise to stone walls. Stone walls had obvious advantages that they were not susceptible to fire unlike wooden walls.

How castle walls are built?

Workers use horse-drawn wagons to haul the stones from the quarry to the building site. Stone masons then chisel the raw stone into blocks. Workers use man-powered cranes to lift the finished stones to the scaffolding on the castle wall. Other workers make mortar on the site from lime, soil and water.

What is the front entrance of a castle called?

A portcullis (from Old French porte coleice, “sliding gate”) is a heavy vertically-closing gate typically found in medieval fortifications, consisting of a latticed grille made of wood, metal, or a combination of the two, which slides down grooves inset within each jamb of the gateway.

What is a bailey in a castle?

A bailey or ward in a fortification is a courtyard enclosed by a curtain wall. In particular, an early type of European castle was known as a motte-and-bailey.

Which castle has the highest walls?

Osaka Castle in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan, measures 58.49 m high and was built between 1583–98. However, the building has been destroyed on two separate occasions, and the current measurable version is a concrete replica, constructed in 1995–97.

What is a castle curtain wall?

A curtain wall is a defensive wall between two fortified towers or bastions of a castle, fortress, or town.

What is a parapet wall for?

parapet, a dwarf wall or heavy railing around the edge of a roof, balcony, terrace, or stairway designed either to prevent those behind it from falling over or to shelter them from attack from the outside.

What is crenellated wall?

: having open spaces at the top of a wall so that people can shoot guns and cannons outward. See the full definition for crenellated in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What were towers for in castles?

Large towers were used as a keep or bergfried and were usually the strongest point of a castle. Towers were usually built around the gate, a vulnerable point in a castle.

What do you call a castle on the water?

It can be entirely surrounded by water-filled moats (moated castle) or natural waterbodies such as island castles in a river or offshore. When stately homes were built in such a location, or a Wasserburg was later rebuilt as a residential manor, the German term becomes Wasserschloss, lit.

What is the highest tower of a castle called?

The keep often is also the tallest fortification in a castle, with a commanding view of all the fighting positions. Permanent stone additions to a castle’s battlements, providing better cover for defenders.

What is the walkway of a wall called?

Alure (Wall Walk) The walkway along the higher and interior part of a wall which often gives access to the higher floors of towers within the wall.

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