What can survive in boiling water?

Many bacteria, such as Clostridium, can form endospores (a dormant stage that allows them to survive adverse conditions for a while), such as , which allow them to survive boiling water. Autoclaves use a temperature of 121 degrees C to be sure to kill all endospores and any other possible contaminants.

Is boiling water a chemical reaction Why or why not?

If you boil water, it is a physical change because it is still water; it's just water vapor. When water boils, the bubbles are caused by heat, and they are not a new substance — just the same old water, but now, (because sufficient heat has been added), it is a gas instead of a liquid.

How long do you have to boil something to disinfect it?

One of the most popular methods of sterilizing is boiling. Place bottles, spoons, nipples, lids and other equipment into a pot of water and bringing it to a rolling boil for 2 minutes. You can cover and store the equipment in a clean place .

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