What causes cells to burst?

It occurs in a hypotonic environment, where water moves into the cell by osmosis and causes its volume to increase to the point where the volume exceeds the membrane's capacity and the cell bursts.

In this regard, what effect does hypertonic solution have on cells?

The effects of hypertonic solution in animal and plant cell. Contain higher concentration of solutes and less of water than a cell. Since the concentration of water is higher within the cell, there is a net movement of water from inside to outside of the cell. (water leaves the cell by osmosis)

What does a cell do in a hypertonic solution?

Cells in Hypertonic Solutions. If concentrations of dissolved solutes are greater outside the cell, the concentration of water outside is correspondingly lower. As a result, water inside the cell will flow outwards to attain equilibrium, causing the cell to shrink.

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