What episode did the Wellards come?

“In with the Wellards” is the 3rd episode in Series 4 of The Story of Tracy Beaker and the 81st episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2004.

Where is Rio Wellard from?

Rio Wellard is a former resident of Cliffside and Elm Tree House I. He is Chantal and Roxy’s half-brother, on their mothers side. The three of them have the same mother, but three different fathers. Rio has never met his father, he doesn’t even know who he is, let alone where he is, whether that be in prison or not.

What is Tracy Beaker doing now?

Staggeringly it’s been nearly two decades since Tracy Beaker first hit our screens. Finally, Tracy is coming back in the highly-anticipated brand new series My Mum Tracy Beaker. This time Tracy, who is now in her 30s, will be getting a taste of her own medicine as she has her own daughter.

Are LOL and bouncer brothers?

Laurence “Lol” Plakova is a former resident of Stowey House II, Cliffside and Elm Tree House I. He is Bouncer’s younger brother.

How old was Dani Harmer in Tracy Beaker 5?

Tracy Beaker – by Dani Harmer Dani was just 13-years-old when she landed her big break on The Story of Tracy Beaker, which went on for five series from 2002 to 2005.

Is Dani Harmer rich?

Through all her endeavours, Dani has reportedly amassed a personal wealth of around £2.1 million – although she disputed the claim that she was a “multi-millionaire” when it was made on Twitter earlier this year. She now has a four-year-old daughter with partner Simon Brough, and is expecting a second child.

Is Crash Sean Godfrey in Tracy Beaker?

Sean Godfrey is the friend and later ex-boyfriend of Tracy Beaker. He first appeared in the book The Dare Game, and was known as Football.

Who was footballer in Tracy Beaker?

Alexander was a character from the Tracy Beaker Books franchise, who is introduced in The Dare Game, when Tracy played Football with them.

Who is Dani Harmer partner?

In August 2021, Harmer and her partner Simon Brough announced that she is pregnant with their second child.

Why did Mike Leave the Dumping Ground?

He leaves near the end of series one to work at a desperately short staffed children’s home as a head care worker. This makes Tracy very angry (as it was only short notice- he left the same day it was announced) and she then sells Mike’s beloved guitar which he has had since he was young.

Was Tracy Beaker adopted?

Tracy was adopted by Cam at the conclusion of the previous series and has been residing with Cam ever since. Tracy’s previous care worker from The Story of Tracy Beaker (TV series) – Mike Milligan, returns as the head care worker and Tracy’s new boss.

Are Tracy Beaker and Justine Littlewood friends?

From eating worms, to stealing best friends, they had it in for each other for a very long time. But Tracey and Justine turned out to have quite a lot in common, and as much as they hated to say it, this troublesome two were definitely friends in the end.

Is Tracy Beaker black?

“Well of course, Tracy Beaker looks just like you,” she explains. Tracy Beaker was black, and even if this is a case of Hermione-esque hindsight, it’s a gesture of kindliness on Wilson’s part that could only comes from a lifetime of speaking to children and knowing exactly how to make them feel special.

Does crash like Justine?

It was also teased that Justine and Crash had a small romance, but it was probably never acted on been as when Justine returned in Tracy Beaker Returns, she was engaged to a man called Charlie.

Has Tracy Beaker got a daughter?

Tracy Beaker star Dani Harmer shared the sweetest gender reveal by getting her daughter Avarie-Belle to help her out with a video. The actress is expecting a second child with partner Simon Brough and shared an adorable video of her five-year-old daughter announcing the very special news.

Does Tracy Beaker have a daughter?

The 32-year-old recently reprised her famous role as the Jacqueline Wilson character for new series, My Mum Tracy Beaker. The three-part series featured a grown-up Tracy who is now a single mother to her daughter Jess.

Is there going to be more episodes of my mum Tracy Beaker?

Following the record breaking first series, BBC have confirmed that My Mum Tracy Beaker has been renewed for a second season.

How does Sean Godfrey know Tracy Beaker?

Sean was a childhood friend of Tracy’s. He was poor growing up, but his life changed dramatically when he became a rich and famous footballer. He then recently retired and with all the trappings of a successful football star and is now the owner of a chain of gyms.

How many views did Tracy Beaker get?

My Mum Tracy Beaker sets new record as CBBC’s most successful programme launch ever with 2.1m streams on BBC iPlayer – Media Centre.

Is the dumping ground real?

The Dumping Ground follows the lives of children living in Ashdene Ridge, a fictional foster home and is filmed in the North East. This is an exclusive chance for fans to meet the stars of the show and see the first episode of the brand new series before it is aired in early 2015.

How old was Amber Davies on Love Island?

Amber Davies is a 28-years old Dancer from North Wales, who took part in the third season of Love Island.

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