What is a graticule on a microscope?

The eyepiece graticule is a glass disc fitted into the eyepiece of the microscope. These can be fitted to existing eyepieces or eyepieces can be purchased with graticules already fitted. The disc is marked with a fine scale from 0 to 100.

Just so, what is the accuracy of the micrometer?

The micrometer screw gauge. If a more accurate measurement is needed a micrometer screw gauge can be used. This normally has accuracy of 0.01 mm and is used to measure objects no more than a few millimetres across.

What is the use of a micrometer?

A micrometer is a tool used for the precise measurement of very small objects. A micrometer can measure the depth, length and thickness of whatever object fits between its anvil and spindle. It is commonly used in mechanical engineering and machining applications.

How accurate is a vernier caliper?

Vernier calipers commonly used in industry provide a precision to 0.01 mm (10 micrometres), or one thousandth of an inch. They are available in sizes that can measure up to 1,829 mm (72 in).

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