What is a WIFI mesh network?

A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a communications network made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. It is also a form of wireless ad hoc network. A mesh refers to rich interconnection among devices or nodes. Wireless mesh networks often consist of mesh clients, mesh routers and gateways.

How does the Google WIFI works?

Each Google Wifi point is a router that's designed to work with your existing ISP and modem. Google Wifi can create a mesh network only with Google Wifi and OnHub* routers. Google Wifi will work with most connected wireless devices including tablets, printers, and smart appliances.

What is a wireless mesh access point?

A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a mesh network created through the connection of wireless access points installed at each network user's locale. Each network user is also a provider, forwarding data to the next node.

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