What is Batman’s greatest weakness?

Bigger weakness (most of the time) is nothing but a way to remove extra powers. Batman don't have any superpower so one has nothing to take away from him. You can consider this only as his weakness as he can't fly away from a explosion, can't stand unaffected from bullets which sometimes makes him vulnerable in fight.

Also know, is a Batman a superhero?

In the strictest sense, Batman isn't a superhero because he has no "amazing" powers (e.g. powers that are magical or pseudo-scientific) but depending on the canon source, he does regularly perform feats that are well beyond the abilities of normal humans. His abilities rarely stray beyond the realms of reality.

What Batman is afraid of?

In the film Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne, Batman's secret identity, actually develops a fear of bats as a child when he falls into a cave and is attacked by bats. One of Batman's enemies, the Scarecrow, is also mentioned as being afraid of bats, or more specifically, of Batman himself.

What is Batman's weapon?

Portable Weaponry
  • Batarangs are throwing weapons relating to that of either boomarangs or shurikens in the shape of a bat.
  • Bat-Darts: A form of tranquilizer darts specialized for the needs of Batman.
  • Explosive Gel: A handheld non-lethal firearm that projects a foam used to stick thugs to walls floors etc. .

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