What is the computer organization?

Computer Organization. Computer Organization refers to the level of abstraction above the digital logic level, but below the operating system level.

So, what is a computer system architecture?

In computer engineering, computer architecture is a set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and implementation of computer systems. Some definitions of architecture define it as describing the capabilities and programming model of a computer but not a particular implementation.

What is meant by von Neumann architecture?

A von Neumann architecture machine, designed by physicist and mathematician John von Neumann (1903–1957) is a theoretical design for a stored program computer that serves as the basis for almost all modern computers.

How does the hardware and software work together?

Software and Hardware work together to process the input. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) processes input into output through the fetch-execute cycle. The CPU is made up of several different parts including: Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), Control Unit (CU) and various registers.

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