What is the evaporator coil on an HVAC?

An evaporator coil is located indoors and is either installed with your furnace or as part of your air handler. Inside the coil, the refrigerant evaporates as it absorbs heat from the indoor air that passes over it.

Accordingly, how much does it cost to replace an evaporator coil?

To buy and install a new evaporator coil can cost $900-$1800+. The cost changes depending on a few factors: Your parts warranty. The size of your air conditioner system.

What is the purpose of the evaporator coil?

Made to transition easily from liquid to gas and back to liquid again, the refrigerant moves through the A/C system, removing heat from inside the house and releasing it outside into the air. The refrigerant does this inside evaporator and condenser coils.

What causes the evaporator coil to freeze up?

Check your evaporator coil if your air conditioner is freezing up. A dirty evaporator coil (the inside one) can cause a lack of airflow across it, dropping the temperature and causing your air conditioner to freeze up. It is also a recipe for several other unpleasant problems with your AC, like Dirty Sock Syndrome.

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