What is the freezing point of a stearic acid?

The exact melting and freezing points of the stearic acid may not be exactly the same and will depend on the purity of the product and where it was purchased from, but are usually around 55-70 ˚C.

Thereof, what is the freezing point of lauric acid?


What is the freezing point depression of lauric acid?

m (1) where the proportionality constant, Kf, is called the molal freezing-point depression constant. Lauric acid (the solvent in this experiment) has a reported Kf = 3.9 °C. kg/mol = 3.9 °C/m. In this experiment, you will determine the freezing point of the pure solvent, CH3(CH2)10COOH (lauric acid).

Are the melting and freezing points the same?

So to sum this all up, when matter is transitioning from solid to liquid (melting) or liquid to solid (freezing), its temperature is fixed at the melting/freezing point, which is the same temperature.

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