What is the principle of individual differences?

The Principle of Individual Differences is a principle that states that, because everyone is unique, each person experiences a different response to an exercise program. Some of these differences may be related to body size and shape, genetics, past experience, chronic conditions, injuries and gender.

Keeping this in view, what is an individual difference variable?

Individual differences variables are characteristics that cannot be changed, they vary across the population. Examples of independent difference variable are race, gender, religious affiliation and age.

Why is it important to understand individual differences?

Indeed, perhaps the most important question of individual differences is whether people are more similar to themselves over time and across situations than they are to others, and whether the variation within a single person across time and situation is less than the variation between people.

What is a differential in psychology?

Differential psychology studies the ways in which individuals differ in their behavior and the processes that underlie it. Individual difference psychologists usually express their interest in individuals while studying groups by seeking dimensions shared by all individuals but upon which individuals differ.

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