What is the root ball of a plant?

A root ball is the main mass of roots at the base of a plant such as a shrub or tree. It is of particular significance in horticulture when plants are repotted or planted out in the ground.

Hereof, do redbud trees need full sun?

Choose a good location. Redbud trees prefer light shade, especially in the summer. The tree is fairly adaptable, however, and can also tolerate full sun.

How do you loosen a root ball?

To promote good nutrient absorption, trim the roots and loosen up the root ball before replanting. Use a sharp knife or pruning shears for this job, removing as much as the bottom third of the root ball if necessary. Don't be surprised if what you cut off is a thick tangle of root tissue.

Do you remove the burlap from the root ball?

  1. Examine the tree before you buy it.
  2. Spread a tarp for the soil.
  3. Remove any protective outer wrapping, but leave the burlap on to hold the roots while you position the plant in the hole.
  4. Cut away as much burlap as you can.
  5. Use the plain loose soil on the tarp to fill in the hole around the root ball.

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