Where can you get Little Moons in the UK?

Little Moons are stocked at Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and more. There’s a handy tool on the Little Moons website which helps you locate your nearest mochi balls for all those emergency moments when you need sugar at speed.

Do Aldi sell Little Moons?

In Japan, it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki. The brand that’s made the dessert famous over here is little moons, but more recently, budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi launched a new dupe range of the original Little Moons Mochi and the internet went wild.

Do Tesco Express sell Little Moons?

The trendy treats are stocked in Tesco and online supermarket Ocado. Of the twelve flavours only two flavours are stocked in Tesco – Creamy Coconut and Passion Fruit & Mango. Little Moons were also sold in Waitrose, although the supermarket no longer has the product on its website. …

Do they sell Little Moons in Tesco Express?

Here’s where to buy Little Moons in the UK: Today the treats are sold in Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Wholefoods as well as their own pop-up in Selfridges Food Hall. The brand currently sells 12 flavours, including Himalayan Salted Caramel, Summer Raspberry and Uji Matcha Green Tea.

Are Little Moons the same as mochi?

Which begs the question: What are Little Moons, and why are they so popular on TikTok? A combination of traditional Japanese rice cake – mochi, and ice cream, they’re tiny ice cream sandwiches.

What are mochi moons?

Little Moons Mochi is artisan ice cream wrapped in a sweet, soft dough. At under 75cal per mochi, they’re the perfect small bite of indulgence. Here’s a short video to help explain. Available in six distinct flavours: Matcha, Sesame, Mango, Raspberry, Coconut and Vanilla. Like.

What does Little Moons taste like?

With a mouthful of creamy artisan gelato, lovingly wrapped in soft and delightfully delicate mochi dough, each bite of mochi serves up an exciting new flavour adventure. Enjoy the taste of tropical paradise with smooth, creamy coconut, and welcome a whole new world of flavour into your home.

Which UK supermarkets sell mochi?

Tesco was initially the only major retailer selling these mochi joys, but now you can find them in Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s.

Can you get little moons in Scotland?

Little Moons mochi in Scotland: Where to buy TikTok dessert stocked in Tesco, Waitrose and Lidl. SCOTS have been going wild for a Japanese-inspired frozen treat that has gone viral due to TikTok. The Little Moons mini desserts have become a yummy sensation with sales rocketing by 700 per cent.

Are Lidl selling Little Moons?

Lidl becomes the next store to sell its own version of the viral ‘Little Moons’ mochi ice cream. The new Vitasia Mochi Ice Cream packs hit the shelves of Lidl branches nationwide today.

How do you eat Little Moons?

Pick up a mochi ice cream ball between your fingers and eat it in several bites. The size and shape of mochi ice cream balls make it easy to hold and snack on. Mochi dough is very sticky, so avoid eating a whole mochi ice cream ball in 1 bite. It can be hard to chew and dangerous.

What is the outside of Little Moons made of?

What are Little Moons, and why are they so popular on TikTok? A combination of traditional Japanese rice cake – mochi, and ice cream, they’re tiny ice cream sandwiches. Mochi is made from short grain rice, ‘mochigome’, combined with sugar, water, and cornstarch.

Does Aldi have mochi UK?

The moon-shaped dessert is mochi in demand by shoppers, with some mochi brands reporting sales skyrocketing by 2,000% since January. Aldi’s Wao Mochi Balls are available from 17th May at Aldi stores across the UK.

Does Aldi have mochi balls?

Mochi Ice Cream Balls Are Being Sold In Aldi And They Look So Delicious. Aldi has launched its own version of the hugely popular Little Moons Mochi.

What are Little Moons?

Little Moons are bite sized balls of mochi ice cream. Mochi is a deliciously sweet, soft and chewy rice dough. The dough is steamed and pounded and then gently wrapped around ice cream.

How many flavours of Little Moons are there?

The seven standard flavours which feature; Alphonso Mango, Creamy Coconut, Strawberries & Cream, Vegan Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla, Vegan Passionfruit & Mango and Honey Roasted Pistachio cost £4.50 for a box of six, and are available to buy online and in-store at Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Wholefoods.

Are Little Moons dairy free?

The original ice cream bites have taken the media world by storm with more than 15,000 recipes and reviews on TikTok. The Tropical and Mango flavours are dairy-free making them suitable options for vegans. …

How do you eat WAO mochi ice cream?

A popular way to eat Mochi Ice Cream is by cutting them in half and serving them on a plate like tapas. This makes it easy to bite into and can be finished within just a bite or two.

Why are Little Moons always sold out?

The demand for Little Moons has been driven by a viral trend on TikTok that sees users filming their attempts at searching for the treats and experimenting with mixing flavours.

What company makes Little Moons?

30 Second Briefing: Sales of Little Moons in Tesco have rocketed in the last week thanks to social media. Mochi makers Little Moons have hailed a staggering increase in sales after the Japanese-inspired ice cream snack went viral on short-video platform TikTok.

How much are Little Moons from Lidl?

TikTok users recorded themselves going on desperate searches for the little ice creams. When they finally got their hands on them, they taste-tested the mochi balls and often gave a rating out of 10 for flavour. Little Moons mochi ice cream balls can be bought from Ocado, Tesco and other supermarkets for £4.50.

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