Why did Lewis Seddon leave Waterloo Road?

Lewis was expelled from Waterloo Road after he sexually harassed Kim Campbell. The expulsion was reduced to a 15-day suspension on appeal, but his mother decided to withdraw him from school after they received hate mail from angry pupils and parents.

Is there a new Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road is returning to BBC One after a six-year absence. It was announced last year that Waterloo Road – the school-set drama which ran for 200 episodes from 2006 to 2015 – would be returning to BBC One. Angela Griffin, Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths will all star in the new Waterloo Road revival.

Does Chloe come back in Waterloo Road?

Chlo does return to Waterloo Road, but she and Donte’s relationship may never be the same. Pupil Chlo was trapped in the toilets, but was saved by English teacher Tom Clarkson (Jason Done) and former lover, Donte.

Does Chlo keep baby?

Although she initially intended to abort the baby, one of her best friends, Maxine Barlow, convinced her that Donte had a right to know. Donte was thrilled with this news, making it hard for Chlo to share her views on the baby. She later decided to keep the baby, and then give it up for adoption.

Does Mika get pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Series Three Brett and Mika return to Waterloo Road closer than ever as a couple for their final year of school. Mika is relieved that she is not pregnant but Brett is disappointed as he was beginning to get used to the idea of having a baby.

Who kills Maxine?

The actress, 48, looked a world away from the cobbles as she shared a snap of herself behind the scenes at a theatre. Tracy is best known for her years playing hairdresser Maxine Peacock between 1995 and 2003. But her run on the show came to an end when she was brutally murdered by Richard Hillman.

What happens to Maxine in Waterloo Road?

In Maxine’s final year of high school she formed a relationship with new student Earl Kelly however when she tried to break things off he turned violent and and tragically shot her. Maxine died in the arms of her foster mum Steph and best friend Janeece.

Is Waterloo Road a real school?

The series is set in and around Waterloo Road, a fictional school for students aged 11 to 18, a comprehensive in Rochdale in series 1 to 7 and an independent in Scotland thereafter. Waterloo Road was filmed at Hill Top primary school on Hill Top Drive in Rochdale for a whole 6 years where the set grew as Waterloo Road.

When did Waterloo Road end?

The first episode was broadcast on BBC One on 9 March 2006, and the final episode on BBC Three on 9 March 2015. Waterloo Road ran for 200 episodes and exactly nine years.

What happened to Celine in Waterloo Road?

On the last day of term, a fire caused an explosion in the canteen, after Stuart Hordley accidentally ignited it by dropping a cigarette near a gas bottle. Chlo was left trapped in the toilets.

What happens to Chloe’s baby in Waterloo Road?

When Chlo found out she was pregnant with Izzie, she kept the baby, but towards the end of the pregnancy, decided she wanted to give Izzie up for adoption. Chlo’s waters broke when she was in the girls’ toilets, while Donte was ready to divorce her and bring up the baby himself with the help of Tom.

What happens to Tom Clarkson in Waterloo Road?

Tom died after falling off the school roof trying to help troubled pupil Kyle Stack. Tom’s death has parallels with the death of his deceased partner Izzie; both died in the car park of the school whilst trying to save someone else. Both also died in the arms of the headteacher at that time.

Who gets pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Zoe Ramsden (portrayed by Claire Cooper) was a student at Waterloo Road in Series 1 Episode 3. She arrived at the school heavily pregnant and demanded to see headmaster, Jack Rimmer. She told Kim Campbell that she was the daughter of a the landlord of a pub where Jack used to drink.

Who was driving the car in Waterloo Road?

One of the major plots this series focused on the death of student Adam Deardon, who dies in a car crash. Classmate Donte Charles was driving the car when it happened, both underage and under the influence of alcohol.

What happens to Lorna in Waterloo Road?

She invites Tom and Izzie to a fancy house where they became friends again, and in her bed, Lorna overdoses and passes in the hands of her two best friends, Tom and Izzie. She wrote a suicide note. The whole of Waterloo Road was shocked when hearing that Lorna has passed away.

Was Rose Kelly pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Backstory. Rose didn’t know the countryside existed until she was in her early teens. She lived and breathed the mile radius around her council flat and like most of the other girls around her, she was pregnant by the age of 16. Rose loved her children dearly and wanted them to do well at Waterloo Road.

Does janeece give her baby away in Waterloo Road?

Janeece with Cheryl and Billie Taylor in series 6 Janeece returned to Waterloo Road and became the school secretary in Series 6. However, when little Cheryl (named after Cheryl Cole) was born, Janeece realised she could never give up her daughter and ended up keeping her.

Who is Grace’s dad in Waterloo Road?

Grace Medar (also Campbell) was the adoptive daughter of Kim Campbell. It was later discovered that Grace was illegally taken from Rwanda.

What happened to Chloe’s sister in Waterloo Road?

This led Mika into trying to commit suicide but Tom Clarkson found her and stopped her. Mika is relieved that Chlo is eventually saved by Donte Charles and Tom Clarkson, but the fate of Davina is left unanswered in the series when she’s put in an ambulance with smoke inhalation.

What happened Bolton Smilie?

Bolton Henry Smilie is a former pupil at Waterloo Road. When Bolton left Waterloo Road, he became a soldier and joined the army. He returned in Series 8 Episode 16 whilst running away from the Military Police after going AWOL from the war in Afghanistan.

Is Jodie Comer in Waterloo Road?

Jodie Comer played a small role in Waterloo Road in 2010, portraying the role of school girl Sarah Evans during episode three in series six.

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